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Synonyms for orthodonture

the branch of dentistry dealing with the prevention or correction of irregularities of the teeth

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"In orthodonture, it (latex conversion) made sense because with the repeated exposure you could end up with a latex allergy.
(Clearly, expensive orthodonture was not wasted on girls headed for the convent.) "Well, some people believe that they're not imaginary at all, those friends kids have.
Flag-football moms, a lot like soccer moms with larger orthodonture bills, went for Clinton.
* Does the study involve various populations-people with good and bad gums, orthodonture, implants and limited dexterity, i.e., the elderly?
The child would have his stature enhanced with much less trauma than his orthodonture is likely to involve, and with comparably fewer psychological sequelae.
After returning home from the war, he established an office in Worcester, where he practiced orthodonture for 59 years.
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