orthodontic braces

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an appliance that corrects dental irregularities


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The highest scores among the English terms were reported for "orthodontic braces" in terms of information quality.
No insurance coverage for orthodontic braces for those aged 18 years and older, except in cases of medical necessity.
On the basis of products, the cosmetic dentistry market is divided into dental systems and equipment, dental implants, dental bridges, dental crowns, dental veneers, orthodontic braces, bonding agents, and inlays and onlays.
Dentists usually use precious (Au, Ag, Pt) and non-precious alloys (Cr, Co, Mo, Ni), pure gold, titanium and titanium alloys.8 The presence of metallic sources, such as dental implants, orthodontic braces and metallic dental crowns may reduce image quality of MRI in the maxillofacial region causing large magnetic field distortion and signal loss.9
A few weeks ago, an individual approached Rabbi Elyashiv in order to seek advice on whether orthodontic braces are considered to create a partition between women dipping in the mikveh after their menstrual cycle and the water.
Nickel is found in many metal objects, including jeans snaps, zippers and orthodontic braces. Chocolate is the top food source.
When my son's NHS orthodontic braces came off - and I calculated the cost of them in the US where they wouldn't be covered by my insurance - I said a small prayer to two men who mean nothing to Americans, but should: William Beveridge and Aneurin Bevan.
Whether they think orthodontic braces should be available on the NHS.
Isn't it the Ugly Betty who wears thick tights (the hosiery equivalent of orthodontic braces) flat shoes and a maxi dress?
Unlike most insurance plans, there are no waiting periods, no claim forms to fill out, no restrictions on number of visits, no maximum dollar caps imposed, no age limits, no price increases just.because you use the plan, no exclusions based on some HMO decision whether you should get service, and all pre-existing conditions are covered (except orthodontic braces already in-progress).
It promotes good oral hygiene in a program of daily use by assisting in the removal of food particles, debris, and dental plaque around natural teeth, orthodontic braces, permanent bridges, and dental implants.
In 2001, around 25,000 adults had orthodontic braces fitted on the NHS -a rise of 36 per cent over ten years -and more still had braces fitted privately.
In 2001, around 25,000 adults had orthodontic braces fitted on the NHS - a rise of 36pc over 10 years - and more still had braces fitted privately.