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a white or colored monoclinic feldspar

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Rhyolites are composed of volcanic glass, quartz crystals, orthoclases, biotites and hornbledes as accessories (Bullock et al., 1985; INEGI, 1988b).
The mineralogical composition of the sand fraction of soil was volcanic glass (47%), quartz (40%) and feldspar (orthoclase; 13%).
At 101 m up section, a conglomerate is found with varied clast sizes and composition (mainly quartz, but also quartzite, metamorphic rock and orthoclases).
Often, large orthoclase feldspars are seen in the coarse tuff beds.
Potassium solubilizing bacteria (KSB) are able to solubilize primary K minerals, such as mica, illite and orthoclases, through production organic acids.