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Figure 3 exhibits tensile strength versus the ORT and GRT contents of nanocomposites.
With access to ORT programs an issue with both GPs and specialist public treatment programs, clinicians are forced to make decisions on who receives immediate treatment and who waits.
Physicians at Michigan Pain Consultants have been using the 5-question ORT as part of their 120-question Pain Health Assessment that they give to chronic pain patients on an iPad prior to seeing the doctor.
Ort said: "Elevated carbon dioxide is creating a global warming effect that in turn is driving other climate change factors such as precipitation patterns.
A steering committee was formed in April 2006 to establish and implement an ICU ORT. The committee consisted of the directors of ICU, a physician champion, a clinical nurse educator, a nursing manager, ICU staff nurse, CCA, manager of RT and an RT.
ORT is the best treatment for rehydrating patients with acute infectious diarrhoea and its use has reduced childhood mortality worldwide.
Recent case management advances include reformulated oral rehydration therapy (ORT) and zinc supplementation.
As Shirley Ort, associate provost and director of Scholarships and Student Aid, explains, "Every scholarship gift (regardless of how large or small) is acknowledged promptly by a thank you from our office.
-- Congress has approved legislation that will create an organized retail theft (ORT) task force within the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Intravenous fluid therapy (IVF) still is widely used even in children whose dehydration is not severe, despite evidence that oral rehydration therapy (ORT) can be initiated more quickly, is just as effective, and is well-received by patients and their families.
Mr Blunkett's "mistake" was failing to consult the committee about three paid posts ( advising Indepen Consulting and the World Organisation for Research and Technology (ORT) and becoming a non-executive director of DNA Bioscience.
Brostaig Ort, capable on the racecourse but no headliner, has taken to his new career of showing well, and last month he and owner Helen Kington won the prestigious Retraining of Racehorses Showing Championship at the Hickstead Derby meeting.
Reuters (London) has sold its ORT SAS Group (Paris) to Coface (Paris), a unit of Natexis Banques Populaire, for 46.6 million [pounds sterling] in cash as well an additional consideration of up to 1 milllon [pounds sterling].