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The data presented in this article form part of a broader research agenda with the aim of developing a substantive theory to explain how clinicians apply clinical judgement in managing access to ORT programs.
ORT is a proven safe and effective alternative to IV resuscitation in epidemic cholera, a disease which causes rapid loss of fluids from the gut, leading to circulatory collapse and death.
Ort said if the same cultivars of soybean are used in 2050 that are being planted now, producers can expect to see an additional 20 percent drop in yield due to expected increases in ozone levels by the middle of the century.
This project leader was a valuable resource in establishing initial guidelines, creating documentation and data collection tools, establishing a method of communicating ORT calls, and coordinating initial education sessions not only for ORT members, but also for staff throughout the hospital.
Ort adds, "This process takes time, but it creates considerable good will and is a wonderful manifestation of both courtesy and caring on behalf of your office and the university.
There was no difference between the two groups in the overall proportion achieving successful rehydration at 4 hours (56% ORT vs.
Brostaig Ort, capable on the racecourse but no headliner, has taken to his new career of showing well, and last month he and owner Helen Kington won the prestigious Retraining of Racehorses Showing Championship at the Hickstead Derby meeting.
Now, we turn our attention to developing a new vision for the ORT process and redesigning it.
The home is an area where we saw an opportunity," said Barry Ort, executive vice president of TCJC, which manufactures Lane's jewelry as well as the new gift collection.
ORT aired scenes of a storage site for gas cylinders at a Japanese nursery school and a train station which Dmitry Sigachev, the Russian leader of the terrorist plot, allegedly had taken pictures of as candidate sites for terror attacks during his visits to Japan in the spring and summer of 2000.
Specifically, the uncertainty around the future of leading independent commercial channel NTV is undoubtedly the most dramatic unresolved political issue, though Channel 1 ORT and TV6, are suffering under uncertainties.
Within two years, ORT had recovered nearly $190 million in criminal and civil actions, leading the DHHS to expand ORT.