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planetarium consisting of an apparatus that illustrates the relative positions and motions of bodies in the solar system by rotation and revolution of balls moved by wheelwork

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Joshua added: "Being recognised by The Ogden Trust was a lovely surprise because I started to build the orrery as part of a project at school and had no idea my teacher had nominated me for an award.
The Orrery was inspired by astronomical instruments showing planets orbiting the sun.
Owner Hamdan Al Maktoum's two riders, Richard Hills and Willie Supple, both elected to give Malhub the elbow in the Golden Jubilee Stakes (formerly the Cork and Orrery).
GUY Harwood has his team in top form and Indian King (G Starkey) storms to victory in the Cork and Orrery. Gutsy Battle Hymn (A Clark) is on song to take the Wokingham at 14 to 1 but the Pulborough handler gives favourite backers the hump when his Mubarak of Kuwait (G Starkey) foils a touch on Johnson Houghton's 11 to 4 shot Khairpour (J Reid) in the King George V Handicap.
Field of Heaven (The Longshot Magnet) is a kind of crazy orrery, an attempt at a model not just of the universe but of the sense of infinite potential the universe generates from moment to moment.
The company's flagship product, the Wanderers orrery, features an orange calcite Sun encircled by planets made of such minerals as banded agate and Chinese turquoise.
She rarely runs a bad race - the only time she has disappointed was in theCork & Orrery Stakes at Royal Ascot where she pulled a muscle - and possesses all the qualities needed in such a tough competitive sprint at the highest level.
"I was very pleased with her and she will now run in either the King's Stand or the Cork and Orrery."
Let there be time like the turn of a golden orrery rising in the splendor of oranges for spinning a spoon to dipping a spine to be a delighted spanning and what had spun would spawn a Spain to go on spinning let the turn light a globe let the lit globe spin its turnings for the rise of a life let the term of it not terrify or tear in its impossible charm the sphere of wholeness
Maguire traces the developing and increasingly more complex means by which royalist playwrights from Sir William Davenant to Roger Boyle, Earl of Orrery and John Dryden stretched old generic boundaries in response to cultural crisis and change.
Awash with experimentation and derivation, the first attempts of Dryden, Orrery, the Howards, and others come down to most readers only through the brusqueness of theatre historians such as Allardyce Nicholl, for whom they were |drivelling, unreal, passionless theorizings'.
The book is organized around a central metaphor--the orrery of the title.
a was She 10 Conspiracy; Street Cato The 9 degrees; 180 8 trombone; The 7 orange; Mock 6 Uganda; 5 orrery; An 4 Sabbath; 3 poetry; of structure metrical The 2 Lane; Carla 1 ANSWERS:
For now, though, my first choice is the Diamond (ne Golden) Jubilee (ne Cork and Orrery).
It will include work done by Phil Redmond's Open Culture initiative, the Four Corners neighbourhood arts project, children's Portrait of a Nation scheme, and The Orrery - an 18ft model inspired by astronomical instruments and created to reflect Liverpool's position at 'the Centre of the Creative Universe'.