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perennial northern temperate plant with toothed leaves and heads of small purplish-white flowers

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"Wider use of BIM, automation, it's coming, but slower than almost any other industry," Orpin said.
On his Instagram page, Orpin posted a comic book panel depicting the teen hero, and wrote in the caption, 'Absolutely ecstatic to announce that I'll be joining the cast of DC's 'Titans' in Season 2!
Tristan Orpin, senior vice president, general manager, Reproductive and Genetic Heath at Illumina, noted that VeriSeq offers enhanced assay workflow, higher throughput and improved performance which complements Reprogenetics' portfolio by streamlining and improving the PGS process.
eResponse workers (from left) Ryan Orpin, Wendy Martin, Nicky Grogan and Dean Williams
Orpin, "Development of, and natural fluctuations in, rumen microbial populations," in The Rumen Microbial Ecosystem, P N.
See Debbie Orpin, Corpus Linguistics and Critical Discourse Analysis: Examining the Ideology of Sleaze, 10 INT'L J.
David Orpin and new wife Rachael only met because they were invited to act as Elodie's godparents at her 2007 christening.
The Request for Proposals and information about the project can be found at www.oregon.gov/odva/rfp.shtml or orpin.oregon.gov/open.dll/welcome.
cellulase and xylanase) and degrade lignin-containing plant cell walls in pure cultures (Orpin, 1983).
has been reported to produce highly active diverse plant cell wall degrading polysaccharidases (Williams and Orpin, 1987).
WHAT a shocking story about Hannah Orpin, who had hot fat thrown at her by a girl working at a burger van.
Sedum rosea--(L.) Scop cop, is known by the common names Rhodiola, Roseroot, Rosenroot, Golden Root, Arctic Root, Orpin Rose, Rhodiole Rougeatre), and has a long history as a valuable medicinal plant having appeared in the Materia Medica of a number of European countries (Linne, 1749; Sparschuch, 1775; Pharmacopee Francaise, 1976; Virey, 1811).