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a yellow mineral occurring in conjunction with realgar

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Many types of hydrothermal alteration have been observed in the deposit, including silicification, dolomitization, pyritization, arsenopyrite mineralization, realgar (orpiment) mineralization, calcitization, stibnite mineralization, talc mineralization, fluorite mineralization, and cinnabarite mineralization.
The Emet borate mining district's abundance in As-bearing minerals realgar and orpiment makes it stand out among the various borate deposits in Turkey [3].
Note that the same passage (SK 1.5.1-2) lists several other materials likely used in the bath: bdellium (guggulu), yellow orpiment (rocana), seeds (sarvabija), and jewels (sarvaratna), honey and ghee (madhusarpist).
The captivating appearance of the forms hides their disquieting materiality: Each contains a different type of poison--tear gas, hemlock, Zyklon B, and orpiment, among others--that gives the structure its color.
Human acquaintance with arsenic goes back more than 2,000 years, when the ancient Greek, Chinese and Egyptian civilizations independently identified two minerals that became known as orpiment and realgar.
What colour is made from the pigment orpiment or arsenic trisulphide?
B: Exploratory design of gold and orpiment in the east of Qaen (geochemical of stream sediments, 1:20000) the connection consulter of Madan Ara Company in 2001 performed this project in an area about 80 [km.sup.2].
(An important European invention to get around the laborious Indian system involved adding an orpiment mixture to the indigo, which delayed precipitation long enough, by keeping the dye in its reduced state, for it to be painted or printed onto cloth.) (15)
The lacquer is naturally black and other colours are achieved by adding different substances, for example cinnabar for red and orpiment for yellow.
The preceding data and argument, together with the absence of imported arsenic-bearing ores such as realgar and orpiment at any of the Sican smelting sites we excavated or surveyed, question the earlier argument of externally derived sulfarsenide ores and smelting technology.
Several toxic pigments have been found in the wall hangings studied, including orpiment and emerald green, which contain arsenic.
The name arsenic (As) is derived from the Greek word arsenikon, means yellow orpiment. This element is notorious as king of all poisons and in Pakistan it is recognized as Sinkhia.
Written in Newari script on Nepali paper one side of which is smeared with haritala 'yellow orpiment', the manuscript consists of 63 Folios.
on the islands of Lemnos and Ceos and in Cappadocia, from where it is shipped via the town of Sinope) and both can be used in painting, the former replacing orpiment [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]; there are three natural types of red ochre (ruddle)--a dark red, a light red and an intermediate one.