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a richly embroidered edging on an ecclesiastical vestment

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The large inscription at the shoulders of the personified virtue Misericordia along with the passages in smaller characters filling the upper three roundels of her orphrey, all taken from the Vulgate, introduce within the fresco the theme of the Corporal Works of Mercy as they are enumerated in Scripture, and by extension the lesson that the painting intends to convey.
Below the upper three medallions, which contain only words, each of the first six historiated roundels cascading down the personified virtue's orphrey presents a clause in Latin drawn nearly verbatim from Matthew 25:35-36 that describes the action of the accompanying two male half-figures, the one on the left in every case in an attitude of offering and his companion on the right in a posture of receiving.
It, too, is pictured in the Allegory of Mercy, in the pair of historiated roundels with inscriptions at the base of the orphrey (Fig.
The cope bears the eastern and western oceans at its base, the forests and mountains at its sides, the prairie fields on hood and orphreys. and the aurora borealis on the back.
Mrs Proctor said the oldest piece on display was an orphrey - an article worn by a priest - dating from 1500 and embroidered with an image of Christ surrounded by angels.
Likely to have been mounted on church vestments as orphrey panels, the richness of their original colour is still apparent: the figures are dressed in full, orange robes set against a deep, velvety blue background.
The shoulder seams, and the edges of the neck and hem, are bordered by narrow orphreys, those on the hem decorated with a ladder pattern resembling that on the base and cover.
3), published by Henry Shaw in 1836, clearly shows that more colour was then extant: red, colouring the orphreys on the tunic; black on his shoes.