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the condition of being a child without living parents


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[16-18] Given the high burden of combined HIV and orphanhood in SA, these are important problems to investigate but complicated ones to address, partly because orphans are such a vulnerable and difficult population to reach.
Quemar las naves depicts two teens struggling with the transition to adulthood, grappling with orphanhood and grief, negotiating gender roles, and dealing with homophobia.
The orphanhood produced by a loss of roots, death of parents or deserting home is also found in the Gondal context.
Kazakhstan is carrying out social orphanhood prevention and de-institutionalization of orphanages based on the OHCHR (Committee on the Rights of the Child) recommendations to prevent the growth of orphanages and leaving children in there, said the Ministry.
This study will go a step further to investigate and unpack the interface of orphanhood and academic performance of orphans in the Zimbabwean Secondary Schools.
Rabbi Shteinman laid down a path for endless numbers of Jews and his passing leaves a deep feeling of orphanhood today.
Just as interesting, however, are Whyte's accounts of Hoover's early life, from his rise from orphanhood to world-traveling problem solver, and his post-presidency attempt to restore his image and regain his place among the 20th century's most admired people.
The Snowman's own backstory is revealed at the beginning of the movie, revealing the origin of his traumatic fixation with parenthood and orphanhood. And, through a quirk of fate, Hole has very similar issues.
Third, it proceeds to discuss the central issue of "orphanhood" suggested by the title of the novel.
Being repeatedly in hospitals, taking treatment of the effects of the drug, as well as conducting frequent clinical and laboratory tests may cause discomfort and irritability in the cohabitation between caregivers and crack dependents, as well as emotional exhaustion for both, hindering the child to live in the social and family environment.[R]' Another issue experienced by these children is the possible orphanhood and, consequently, institutionalization, the passage through various family structures and organizations and the impossibility of family care, which may interfere with their healthy development.[R]' Brazil needs to adopt specific programs for the treatment of pregnant women dependent on psychoactive substances and newborns, requiring special care.
While you can visit the single track road where M and Bond stood and looked at the misty mountains while talking about his orphanhood, don't expect to see the Skyfall mansion or chapel - that was a set in Surrey.
[5] Orphanhood is frequently accompanied with multidimensional problems including prejudice, reduced access to health and school services, inadequate food, sexual abuse, and others.
Hacker (2014) suggests that we can do this by studying the effects of the war and its immediate aftermath on: (1) civilian deaths, especially among the African American population transitioning from slavery; (2) marriage and widowhood; (3) orphanhood; (4) family structure; (5) migration; and (6) the onset of the fertility transition.