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a toxic waste area where the polluter could not be identified or the polluter refused to take action or pay for the cleanup

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The limited funding stems from the 1995 expiration of the Superfund tax that was specifically dedicated to finance orphan sites.
The Oregon-controlled orphan site account was dedicated to cleaning up polluted sites - mines, but also gas stations and toxic dumps - when the owners of the site were dead or either unwilling or unable to pay.
Look, the state lost almost 25 percent of its general fund," Kulongoski said in a recent interview, and he later added: "We will look at (the orphan site account) in the next budget cycle.
When that wasn't possible because the polluting company had gone out of business, CERCLA provided for a trust fund to pay for these orphan sites to be cleaned.
A federal trust fund, the "Superfund," was established to provide seed money for investigations and program management, and to fund response actions at orphan sites where no responsible party could be found.
Release incident cases may involve responsible parties who are unwilling to conduct the necessary corrective action at an LPST site, or at orphan sites, where the responsible party is either nonexistent or financially unable to implement required corrective actions.
BP has agreed to spend $15 million to clean up oil field orphan sites.
That left taxpayers with the bill for cleaning up these orphan sites.
Plus, land projects or orphan sites once considered cost prohibitive to develop can now be converted into attractive communities.