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pretentious, pompous speech or writing

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And in recent years, he has occasionally fallen into what might be called the knightly style, where mellifluousness modulates into orotundity. "The disagreeable and surreptitious element of this story cannot indefinitely remain unexamined." "The masochistic British attitude to inevitable decline seems to have reversed itself, at least to some extent." All too many occurrences of "I think I may venture to say," "if I may make so bold as to observe," "I hope I may be forgiven for pointing out," and the like.
His more leisured age preferred fruity orotundity in a public figure, and Everett tried throughout his career to oblige.
Also the ugly and near-meaningless phrase "manufacturer parameter values" (by which he means "characteristics", and in which "parameter" is misused) must surely disqualify Professor Booth from any contact with students who might be infected by his sesqui pedalian orotundity.
It is, as Philippe Moret admits, a protean genre, in which, for instance, Tacitean laconicism vied with Ciceronian orotundity. Discontinuity is its only invariant feature, though Moret aims to show that atomization can beget a 'constellation', in which each apophthegm is solitaire/ solidaire.
Again, Smart gives a digest of Bradley's orotundity and squeezes the content of nine pages (pages 79-87) into seven lines (I, lines 330-6):