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Synonyms for orotund

having or producing a full, deep, or rich sound

Synonyms for orotund

ostentatiously lofty in style

(of sounds) full and rich

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over two dozen lines begin with an orbital, orotund "O," a
(83.) On the slide of the martial into the marital, see both McBride, "Orotund," and Genster, "Lieutenancy."
only Vincent Price has the right kind of scenery-caressing style, a blend of oily solicitude and cissy sadism ideally suited to the orotund dialogue.
She counterpoints the hospital's proffered "morphine" with the folk remedy of "sassafras"; in addition to the medicine, she finds Walt Whitman's words an essential vehicle for her son's end, which she describes as "'orotund, sweeping, and final'" (World 18).
One of the things made clear in Adams' genially orotund portrait of the head of the household is that, as with any multi-generational impasse, Mr.
These orotund pipes bear the figurative burden of a subterranean signifying system operating beneath the exteriors of literary language.
Rick Moody is another example of the orotund school.
Danish bass Per Bach Nissen produced an opulent, orotund sound as the jailer Rocco.
in which constitutional restraints were deemed inapplicable to actions by the United States outside its territory; when orotund generalities about sovereignty and national security were a substitute for significant scrutiny of governmental action impinging on individual rights; [and] when the Bill of Rights had not yet become our national hallmark and the principle justification and preoccupation of judicial review.
This allows the visible trundle of the tercets and four-tercet groups to become markedly striated by rapid sequences of colons--"stentorian: tendentious: sonorous: orotund: the moon's up" (99.2)--but also to be inhabited by much longer units extending over a number of lines or sections.
In a February 1950 letter to Blackburn he notes that he is "not a devotee of the Hemingway tight-lipped mumble school." He then writes, "I believe in infinite artistic restraint, but I also believe that the 'lean, spare style' of our time can be, and is, just as artificial as the more orotund and high-flown passages in Tom Wolfe.
As Barthes said once, "Il faut toujours se mefier des grands hommes qui meprisent le bien ecrire." De Gaulle's orotund, classically inspired rhetoric was anachronistic in its own day, but it does the job it needs to do by matching the figure that de Gaulle portrays himself as being: inseparably bound up with the fate of France.
In contrast, with his orotund and baroque prose, Myers submitted a systematic grand theory of some of the most fascinating mental phenomena: creativity, dissociation, hypnosis, psi phenomena, and yes, even the possibility of survival.
the orotund and the large-scale were attacked by the Neoterics and the