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the science of mountains


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In general, by combining the results for the nine races that are described in Tables 10a and 10b, we were able to improve the discussion that is related to our three sets of determinants: the orography, an individual rider's characteristics, and the relational factors.
The concrete development has been focused on analyzing the region of La Rioja (Spain), characterized for having both zones with simple orography (flat areas) and zones with complex orography (mountainous areas).
Solar farms site includes four dimensions: environment ([D.sub.1]), orography ([D.sub.2]), location ([D.sub.3]), and climatology ([D.sub.4]).
Founder events are likely in areas as the Andes, where changes in the orography as a result of volcanism may open up areas for colonization, as explained in the following section for the north population at the crater of Pululahua.
The result of correlation analysis showed that slopes in the territory studied have similar mountainous conditions and that the orography does not determine the particular soil management, which is a factor needed for production of basics and generalized farming culture.
This intersection is very complex due to the particular geometry and orography of its territory causing unavoidable problems for mobility and safety especially during the summer period with an average traffic flow in each direction of 660 vph.
Washington, "Thermal and dynamical effects of orography on the general circulation of the atmosphere," in Proceedings of the WMO/IUGG Symbosium on Numerical Weather Prediction, pp.
here c(z) is a factor dependant on the terrain roughness and orography; [c.sub.e]--aerodynamic coefficient for the external pressure.
The fish fauna of Mexico is highly varied, and its complexity and high rate of endemism are the result of a complex orography, hydrography, and diverse climates (Contreras-Balderas et al., 2008).
"Its orography consists of a series of elevations which form small plateaus and hills that gently descend to the sea.
the mountaneous orography of our study area) can be obtained trigonometrically knowing the distance [rho], tilt angle [lambda] and orientation [alpha] from [P.sub.obs] to [P.sub.i] using the following formulas: