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the process of mountain formation (especially by the upward displacement of the earth's crust)

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Numerous occurrences of different types (Sn-W, P, Pb-Zn, Pb-Zn-Cu, Pb-Ag, Sb, Au) have originated as a result of intensive collisional magmatic activity and regional metamorphism during Variscan orogeny (Gumiel and Arribas, 1990).
A stable lacustrine basin formed in the late stage of the Middle Permian and large-scale thrust faults in the period of Himalayan orogeny are significant structural conditions for the generation and preservation of oil shale.
`The most pessimistic assessment suggests that Australia's southern landscape will not be renewed until the next geologic orogeny (period of upheaval) or a large change in climate.
In the San Juan Basin, for example, sediments were deposited after the Rocky Mountains were created in the collision of an oceanic plate with North America, an event called the Laramide orogeny. The pulling down (subduction) of the oceanic plate beneath North America is thought to have caused increased volcanic activity.
The purpose of this research is to interpret the deformational style using the 2D seismic data to delineate the hydrocarbons trapping mechanism developed in response to the crustal adjustments due to the crustal deformation by the Himalayan Orogeny. Subsurface structural geology of Bhal Sayedan oil field is interpreted by using eight 2D seismic line data and formation tops data from well Bhal Sayedan-02.
The area being mined belongs to the metamorphic Apuan Alps complex and is the result of tectonic and metamorphic phases that occurred during the Alpine orogeny. The current structure of the Apuan Alps is most likely the result of a sharp rise, initiated by an isostatic response to the previous doubling of the continental crust and furthered by the consequent erosion of the Tuscan and Ligurian coatings, which created the tectonic window that allowed the Apuan Alps to emerge.
These country rocks were multiply deformed and metamorphosed to amphibolite-facies conditions during the late Silurian-Early Devonian Acadian orogeny (Gerbi and West 2007).
discuss Late Ordovician reefs from southeast China in the light of the Cathaysian orogeny, while Kaminskas et al.
His topics are the construction of Baltica--proto-Europe, the Lower Paleozoic growth of proto-Europe, the Caledonian orogeny, the expansion of Europe in the Upper Paleozoic, the Hercynian orogenic cycle, Europe in Mesozoic to mid-Cenozoic time, the Alpine orogeny, and Neogene to Quaternary Europe.
The present architecture of the Andes is one of the best examples of mountain ranges associated with subduction, generated by the Andean Orogeny and developed along the Cenozoic.
This orogeny belt is the result of the collision between the continental Arabian plate and the so-called Iranian block belonging to Eurasia [5,26].
A total aeromagnetic intensity contour map, residual aeromagnetic intensity contour map and structural lineament map of the area being studied were obtained in this work Visual studies of total aeromagnetic intensity contour map and residual aeromagnetic intensity contour map depicted that the southern part of the area underlain by Cretaceous sedimentary rocks (Awgu shale and Lafia formation) had low and smooth magnetic intensity, whereas the northern part underlain by the Pre-Cambrian basement rocks (migmatites, gneisses, Older Granites) and Jurassic younger granites had high and complex magnetic intensity Structural lineament orientation suggested that they were products of Pan-African orogeny (NE-SW, NW-SE and NNE-SSW trends) and pre-Pan-African orogeny (NNW-SSE and E-W trend).
This clay with a sedimentation age of 530 Ma is constitutionally much older with a Rb/Sr age of 860 Ma or Sm/Nd date 790[+ or -]90 Ma and stems from metamorphic rocks with an age close to 900 Ma, formed during the Sveconorvegian Orogeny which was the major sediment source in Baltoscandia during the Late Vendian and Early Cambrian [4].