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a zoologist who studies birds

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Much to the delight of ornithologists, a small flock of these birds, which possess their own built-in sat nav and depart their winter quarters in Africa for summer climates in southern Europe, have somehow strayed a mere 1,00miles from their usual migratory route.
A new species of hummingbird has been spotted and identified in Ecuador by a multinational team of ornithologists, BBC reports.
Environmentalists, ornithologists and bio-scientists on Friday gave a unanimous call to protect and preserve the flight route of migratory birds that come to this part of the globe from Siberia and other cold regions of the world every winter.
Rodrigues's River of No Return annexes several genres to its central existential allegory: autobiography (the director trained as an ornithologist); Lazarian tale (Fernando rises from the dead more than once); adventure film, with tinges of both the western and horror; parable of spiritual testing; lost-in-the-wilderness survival chronicle; and picaresque.
When ornithologists are trying to identify a bird, they look at the bird's body parts.
The other winners are Dr Zakri Abdul Hamid of Malaysia, co-chair of the 2005 Millennium Ecosystem Assessment report, Paula Caballero Gomez, director of Economic, Social and Environmental Affairs at Colombia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr Luc Hoffmann, renowned Swiss ornithologist, and Dr Khosla, founder of the Development Alternatives group that seeks to make national development strategies in India more environmentally and socially sustainable.
Muscat: A British ornithologist and his team have discovered a completely new species of owl while on a research expedition in the Sultanate.
When ornithologist Amanda Rodewald talks about tweets and angry birds, she's not usually referring to social media and video games.
The research, led by Roger Jovano from the Spanish National Research Council, Seville, follows in the footsteps of renowned ornithologist David Lack, who studied the behavior of robins in the 1940s.
Martin Davison, Forestry Commission ornithologist, said: "The bad weather couldn't have come at a worse time.
WASHINGTON, D.C., May 23, 2011 (TUR) -- A Turkish ornithologist and conservation ecologist was included in the list of "emerging explorers" of 2011 by National Geographic magazine.
He was an amateur ornithologist, enjoyed cabinetmaking and played the cello.
BETHLEHEM, August 23, 2010 (WAFA)- A worldwide ornithologists gathering elected Imad Atrash, executive director of the Wildlife Society in Palestine, a global ornithologist during the meeting of 25 scientists, being held in the resort of San Paulo, Brazil.
In this lively popular account, ornithologist Hill (Biology, Auburn University) untangles the mysteries of bird plumage and coloration.
government ornithologist Frank Chapman, an unsung hero in American conservation, inspired the revolutionary change.