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the branch of zoology that studies birds

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With the Rila-Buffer zone, 100% of the ornithologically important sites in Bulgaria are included in Natura 2000.
This is how my ''Birds of Illinois'' guide describes the bubbly, musical ''voice'' of Dolichonyx oryzivorus, known to the ornithologically minded as the bobolink.
Ornithologically speaking, the Colima warbler isn't anything to write home about.
THE British have always had a soft spot for blue birds (despite a distinct absence of them, ornithologically speaking).
There are actually three protagonists, or focalisers, in this warm-hearted book: the mature age gardener and nature lover, Edith; Peter Gouldthorpe whose artwork is far more than decorative in that it is arresting artistically as well as being ornithologically enlightening; then the lyrebird hero James, so christened by Edith because he sings and dances for her.
Delta of Bendimahi which is an important part of the basin is vibrant ornithologically during all the seasons of the year.