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  • adj

Synonyms for ornery

given to acting in opposition to others

Synonyms for ornery

having a difficult and contrary disposition

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She proves to have a natural affinity for animals, especially one ornery mare, Fugly Girl.
4 and 12) The race continues in Manila, Philippines, where the four remaining teams get muddy with an ornery ox during a switchback challenge from Season 5.
Doc Martin Series 6 continues the British comedy-drama adventures of a cantankerous doctor, his struggling family, and his ornery patients.
He is in the custody of an ornery and damaged woman named Phaedra, who dictates his every move.
Thanks for sharing your years of experience and your insight into the latest and greatest in the firearms industry, not to mention the tenacity you must possess to ride hard on your motley crew of ornery contributors.
Dirty, loud, mean and ornery, soulful and occasionally forlorn, their LPs are essential.
Bridges has fun as the ornery old Western lawman but the film ultimately lacks ideas, despite some cool action sequences.
As John Longworth, director genera at the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) says lenders will need to co everything possible to rebuild their connections with the business community, so the economy can function in an ornery way again.
I grew up in horsey circles, still love the sometimes ornery beggars, still hope my passage from life will be as swift and painless as a National Hunt horse irreparably wounded and my existence until then as cushioned as these thoroughbreds.
It was a pretty ornery little earthquake, Wakefield is quoted as saying.
Dealing repeatedly with a few ornery clients and their misplaced documents along with waiting for their unreturned phone calls, having to re-explain low renewal cap and participation rates .
After two red eyes under my belt I left that bar, And into the sunset strode Not caring any more, Just an ornery critter Along the Bedworth Road.
His favorite horse was a gentle Percheron, named Dan, with his ornery mate, May.
While the civil rights groups are mostly taking aim at the curriculum changes, which de-emphasize the civil rights movement, religious freedoms, the United Nations and whatever else the board was feeling particularly ornery about, they have a laundry list of other complaints they want the feds to look into, including:
This George is ornery and as the end of the sixth-month training approaches, she has lost faith that she can outsmart him in spite of her other successes in the corral and arena.