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Synonyms for ornamental

Synonyms for ornamental

any plant grown for its beauty or ornamental value

serving an esthetic rather than a useful purpose

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I now use them as ornamental statuary in my garden.
As an animal, Matilda was all right, full of life, vigour, and activity; as an intelligent being, she was barbarously ignorant, indocile, careless and irrational; and, consequently, very distressing to one who had the task of cultivating her understanding, reforming her manners, and aiding her to acquire those ornamental attainments which, unlike her sister, she despised as much as the rest.
And what did these highly ornamental pages contain?
We shall leave to the reader to determine with what judgment we have chosen the several occasions for inserting those ornamental parts of our work.
Fresh funeral wreaths continue to this day to be hung on the ornamental bronze railings round the tomb by the Countess's own hand.
Girt to his side was the steel hilt of an old sword without blade or scabbard; and some particoloured ends of ribands and poor glass toys completed the ornamental portion of his attire.
If the members of a religious persuasion built a chapel there - as the members of eighteen religious persuasions had done - they made it a pious warehouse of red brick, with sometimes (but this is only in highly ornamental examples) a bell in a birdcage on the top of it.
Maggie in her crude form, with her hair down her back, and altogether in a state of dubious promise, was a most undesirable niece; but now she was capable of being at once ornamental and useful.
The chests were taken out with all convenient despatch, and taken in to be unlocked by Mrs Jarley, who, attended by George and another man in velveteen shorts and a drab hat ornamented with turnpike tickets, were waiting to dispose their contents (consisting of red festoons and other ornamental devices in upholstery work) to the best advantage in the decoration of the room.
com/research/4r4trt/turf_ornamentals) has announced the addition of the "Turf, Ornamentals and Forage Inputs Market (2014-2020): By Forage seeds (Alfalfa, Clover and others), By Turfgrass (Kentucky bluegrass, Ryegrass and others), By Ornamental grass (Purple millet, cord grass and others) & By Geography" report to their offering.
Edible Ornamentals grow over 100 varieties of chillies, so a visit to the nursery was a perfect opportunity for Omid to try a range of chillies from the mildest to the super hot.
While we recognize that this list is not comprehensive, we believe that it provides a good starting point for subsequently conducting risk assessments that could reduce the threat of introducing new invasive ornamentals to the state.
For years, ARS researchers have promoted ornamentals by creating new, desirable cultivars and emphasizing valuable traits in existing ones.
Advan LLC announces the creation of a new plant health company focused on serving the turf and ornamentals, specialty agriculture and home and garden markets in the United States and Mexico.
With the heat, many tomatoes and ornamentals have been victims of grasshoppers and spider mite.