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Synonyms for originally


Synonyms for originally

with reference to the origin or beginning

References in classic literature ?
Greatest of the additions to the substance of the cycle was the story of the Holy Grail, originally an altogether independent legend.
Thus it had come about that Arthur, originally the national hero of the Welsh, and the deadly foe of the English, was adopted, as a Christian champion, not only for one of the medieval Nine Worthies of all history, but for the special glory of the English race itself.
6] The large claws or pincers of some of these crabs are most beautifully adapted, when drawn back, to form an operculum to the shell, nearly as perfect as the proper one originally belonging to the molluscous animal.
In bats which have the wing-membrane extended from the top of the shoulder to the tail, including the hind-legs, we perhaps see traces of an apparatus originally constructed for gliding through the air rather than for flight.
The subject of the delivery of specific partial public contracts awarded in the DNS must be exclusively new originally originally originally originally originally originated mobile phones intended for use in the Czech Republic, including documents (in particular the official warranty certificate and the printed instruction manual Czech language).
By Barbara Robinson Originally produced in Seattle Children's Theatre's 1983-84 season Target Audience: Appropriate for all ages
Geraint Jones, originally from Welshpool, now runs a Breton bakery He comes across Geraint Jones, originally from Welshpool, who with partner Galle runs a bakery that sells a range of organic French bread.
COURTHOUSE GREEN primary school is one of a handful of schools in Coventry built with sheets of metal originally destined for aircraft.
This is like a prototype for a Welsh multi-cultural society," said Sam Ebie, a business support officer, who is originally from Nigeria and now lives in Cardiff.
E This all-time country classic originally reached No.
23, 2005 for Florida taxpayers), either originally or under an extension.
FASB issued Staff Position (FSP) FAS 123(R)-1, Classification and Measurement of Freestanding Financial Instruments Originally Issued in Exchange for Employee Services under FASB Statement No.
Alussy took the assignment and melted down three fallen Hussein statues that he originally cast to create the new memorial.
I WOULD like to get in touch with the following three men who were in the KOSB serving in Malaya in 1956/1960s: Tom McClure, originally from Greenock, Eric Ryan originally from Greenock, Danny Donnelly, originally from Greenock.