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the Japanese art of folding paper into shapes representing objects (e

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The full-size origami version was made in a birthday tribute by artist Owen Gildersleeve.
And now the car can boast it is made - and folded - in Britain, with Nissan creating a full-size origami version in tribute to the ongoing success story.
Montroll, the author of more than 40 origami books, turns his inventive talents to bringing iconic DC Comics characters, objects and logos to life.
Mr Lee he will be giving classes on origami and telling a special Chinese New Year Story - free chopsticks will be available too.
The art of paper folding will be taught during a workshop for children over eight-years-old or adults, by Origami master Dimmis Petrides from Greece.
The origami robots are made from composite sheets of paper and polystyrene (Shrinky Dinks).
She is remembered through the story of a thousand origami cranes before her death - an ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by a crane, and is to this day a symbol of innocent victims of war.
An annual American Museum of Natural History tradition--the delightfully decorated Origami Christmas Tree and two merrily lit 19-foot Holiday Barosaurs--welcomes visitors to the New York landmark throughout the holiday season.
MY chum Ian tells me that origami is making a comeback on television.
Origami Logic said it has hired Scott Jones as vice president of marketing.
Trifold, an exhibition showcasing the modular origami creations of the female security staff at Education City, is on at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar's (VCU-Q) Saffron Hall until October 10.
Summary: CAIRO - A small, blank piece of paper may have little meaning for you, but to those who make origami it represents an opportunity to make a masterpiece or your wishes and dreams come true or act as spiritual therapy.
The origami condom is also personal for Resnic who contracted HIV in 1993 when a condom broke, which is why Resnic, who has a designing background, has taken the time to come up with his new concept.
Origami projects are a fun way to instruct students, and each of the 30 activities come with student handouts, as well as solutions and suggestions for instructors.
A worker puts the finishing touches to a five-metre (16-feet) tall bust of the late Hong Kong singer and actor Leslie Cheung as origami cranes, folded by fans from around the world in their attempt to set a Guinness world record for the largest number of origami cranes exhibited, are counted at a shopping mall in Hong Kong on March 27.