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an inspiring symbol or ideal that serves as a rallying point in a struggle

a red or orange-red flag used as a standard by early French kings

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After deliberation, the Gallery decided not to repeat the St George motif, but instead to commission from Fremiet a new cast of his Jeanne d'Arc, a life-size equestrian statue depicting an armoured Joan of Arc holding aloft her oriflamme or war banner.
Pour un cinquantenaire A Lilyan Kesteloot Excede exsude exulte Elan Il nous faut Presence construire ton evidence En contreforts de pachira En obelisque En cratere pour menfenil En rayon de soleil En parfum de copahu Peu importe En poupe de caravelle En flotille d'almadies En favelles En citadelles En rempart d'andesite En emmelement de pitons Il n'importe Le vent novice de la memoire des meandres S'offense A vif que par mon souffle De mon souffle il suffise Pour a tous signifier Present et a venir Qu'un homme etait la Et qu'il a crie En flambeau au coeur des nuits En oriflamme au coeur du jour En etendard En simple main tendue Une blessure inoubliable.
Almost sixty years after Olson's study of Melville, the young poet Sandra Miller has arguably made it her job "to square the circle," imbuing poems in her remarkable debut collection Oriflamme with many of the same omnivorous compositional qualities so characteristic of Olson's verse.
66) Transposed to glass-'gall', however (fiel de verre), we recognize the precipitate of smelting gold with glass to achieve a red colour: vitraux of St Denis, irradiating Joan's Oriflamme.
It is Art that defeats space and time; its standard, people of the world, is the blue oriflamme of the spirit.
and guns to any nation willing to rally to the oriflamme of Christ (not
But here erewhile Unfurled itself the Jesuit oriflamme, And souls were nurtured in the tonic creed Of Loyola.
the rebuilding of the Abbey church in the thirteenth century, the ever-closer links with the monarchy, which included the safekeeping of such symbols of kingly authority as the Oriflamme, together with an ever-increasing number of special ceremonies of pomp and circumstance.
Denis, the sacred Oriflamme became royal property in 1082.
He fully understands MLM and Party Plan and has worked with major direct selling companies such as Tupperware, Stanhome, Jeunique, Oriflamme and many more.
VERDI'S REQUIEM: performed in aid of Amnesty International, by Oriflamme with Coventry Philharmonic Choir: St Mary's Church, Warwick.
Returning to the beginnings of Caxton in 1933, the first two publications, Oriflamme (April 1933) and Sirocco (July 1933) were both miscellanies of literature and social and political commentary.
He saw them three by three, approaching girls, in green, in rose, in russet, entwining, per l'aer persq in mauve, in purple, quella pacifica oriafiamma, gold of oriflamme, di rimirar fe piu ardenti.
Coventry Philharmonic Choir will join orchestral ensemble Oriflamme under its conductor Antoine Mitchell for the fund-raising concert at St Mary's Church, Warwick, on Saturday, January 11.