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an inspiring symbol or ideal that serves as a rallying point in a struggle

a red or orange-red flag used as a standard by early French kings

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During this holy ceremony, Jeanne d'Arc stood next to the new king, holding aloft the oriflamme.
VERDI'S REQUIEM: performed in aid of Amnesty International, by Oriflamme with Coventry Philharmonic Choir: St Mary's Church, Warwick.
In Christchurch, Oriflamme, launched in 1933 by Denis Glover and Ian Milner, featured J.
Coventry Philharmonic Choir will join orchestral ensemble Oriflamme under its conductor Antoine Mitchell for the fund-raising concert at St Mary's Church, Warwick, on Saturday, January 11.
D'Arcy Cresswell was in the first Phoenix, in Oriflamme, and frequently in Tomorrow, had a book published by Lowry and several by Caxton; R.
The concert given by the Oriflamme Chamber Ensemble is organised by the Mid-Warwickshire Group of Amnesty International under the theme of Human Rights for All in China.
By March 1933 the journal Oriflamme had made its singular, notorious appearance and a few months later (July 1933) Sirocco, the Caxton Club's second one-off journal, was published.
gentleman with the Fitzsimmons freckles and the oriflammes of pink
Des portraits a l'effigie de comediens et dramaturges, anciens pionniers du theatre algerien, apparus sur des oriflammes suspendues, ont ouvert la performance sous les applaudissements de l'assistance.
La jubilation regnait partout, a des heures tardives de la nuit, arborant des etendards resplendissants, brandissant des oriflammes gracieuses et scandant des slogans enchanteurs.
A cette procession se joignaient des groupes de musiciens, les derviches, les differentes confreries avec leurs bannieres et leurs oriflammes, des joueurs de tambourins et des danseurs improvises.
Dans le port d'Amsterdam Y a des marins qui chantent Les reves qui les hantent Au large d'Amsterdam Dans le port d'Amsterdam Y a des marins qui dorment Comme des oriflammes Le long des berges mornes Dans le port d'Amsterdam Y a des marins qui meurent Pleins de biere et de drames Aux premieres lueurs Mais dans le port d'Amsterdam Y a des marins qui naissent Dans la chaleur epaisse Des langueurs oceanes.
Selon Le Soit', l'interpretation de ce chant "etait plutot musclee sous des oriflammes jaune et noir agressifs(.
In a cafe, amid the sound of voices, the bright light, the jostlings, Robert Desnos need only close his eyes, and he talks, and among the steins, the saucers, the whole ocean collapses with its prophetic racket and its yapours decorated with oriflammes.
Un concessionnaire de vehicules a travers ses flyerset oriflammes aux motifs ramadanesques a donne des couleurs a la ville.