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a course introducing a new situation or environment

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The relevant clause (xiv) Orientation Courses/Directors' Educational Programme is reproduced below: Orientation Courses/Directors' Educational Program (xiv) All listed companies shall make appropriate arrangements to carry out orientation courses for their directors to acquaint them with their duties and responsibilities and enable them to manage the affairs of the listed companies on behalf of shareholders.
Recommendations: In light of the competition concerns identified above, it is recommended that: (a) the proposed amendments in the Listing Regulations be revoked immediately; and (b) instead of specifying a programme offered by a particular institute, KSE may clearly prescribe the detailed requirements of the orientation course - by specifying the course curriculum, number of credit hours required, etc.
Naval Orientation Courses of 20 weeks duration for other Direct Entry schemes (after graduation) in various branches of the Navy will also be conducted.
Their education program leads to a masters of education degree and includes a minimum of 55 credits in pedagogical studies, 35 credits of subject studies, two or more specialized elective classes and orientation courses. With an additional 35 credits in a specific subject, the teacher can work in the upper level of the comprehensive school.
He expressed these views in a certificate awarding ceremony of one-week orientation course on, Management of Rent cases for Civil Judges/ Rent Controllers from all over Pakistan including AJ& K and Gilgit-Baltistan, held here in the Federal Judicial Academy (FJA).
The Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management's (DISAM's) online learning program began modestly with the roll out of the Security Assistance Management Orientation Course (SAM-OC) and the International Programs Security Requirements-Online (IPSR-OL) courses.
DISAM's newest offering is the Security Cooperation Officer's Orientation Course (SCM-OC).
* SCM-OA (Acquisition) includes core information from the Orientation Course but incorporates additional instruction in the management of foreign military sales (FMS) acquisition and international armaments cooperation.