orientation course

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a course introducing a new situation or environment

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He assured the scheme that the permanent orientation site would be delivered before the next orientation course and that it would be held there.
The schedule of the orientation course is as follows: July 8 to 10 for all Provincial Governors in Metro Manila; July 10 to 12 for all City Mayors in Metro Manila; July 16 to18 for newly-minted Luzon municipal mayors of Regions I, III, and IV-A in Metro Manila; July 17 to19 for newly-minted municipal mayors in Regions II, CAR, MIMAROPA, and V in Metro Manila; July 24 to 26 for newly-minted Mindanao Municipal Mayors in Davao City; and July 29 to 31 for newly-minted Visayas Municipal Mayors in Cebu City.
Children, aged five to 18, will be given useful tips at the orientation course at the KCA premises in Segaiya on Friday from noon to 1pm.
Simultaneously, AFI will also organise an orientation course for all the coaches on October 7 and 8.
It has planned to arrange a week long Orientation Course with
A subgroup of online faculty and support staff worked together to develop and implement an online orientation course specifically for students taking online classes.
The Basic Life Support and Fire Safety Orientation Course is a part of promotion course of police officials since 2009 while Community Safety Information and Training Wing is providing assistance to police college for every promotion course for police officials, so that police officials could be able to provide professional help to the victims of emergencies and disaster along with the rescuers.
Kirstie also volunteered at the Rotary Disabled Games and completed a Futsal refereeing orientation course.
A companion website contains videos explaining different types of online learning, plus a pre-built, customizable online orientation course with activities for experiencing wikis, blogs, discussion forums, other online elements.
Bushwise Hospitality Internships begin with a 2 week bush and wilderness orientation course at Bushwise's idyllic bush campus in the Limpopo Province, led by expert FGASA-accredited trainers.
As part of the initiative, the Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority today launched a six-day special training and orientation course for senior officials and decision makers of the Sharjah government departments on the importance of the cruise industry for the emirate.
The mentorship programme officially started on 2 February with an orientation course. This year, 22 women from different business sectors will participate in the programme.
The first one-week regional seminar on diplomacy and security policy for military staff entitled "Orientation Course for Military Attaches" was held at the regional training center for communications of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Macedonia on 24-31 January.
Based on the results, educators believe that a review of academic advisory plans and an implementation of a computer literacy course along with the current New Student Orientation course must be a mandatory part of a student's academic plan within their first year as a new student.
Recommendations: In light of the competition concerns identified above, it is recommended that: (a) the proposed amendments in the Listing Regulations be revoked immediately; and (b) instead of specifying a programme offered by a particular institute, KSE may clearly prescribe the detailed requirements of the orientation course - by specifying the course curriculum, number of credit hours required, etc.