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Synonyms for orientated

adjusted or located in relation to surroundings or circumstances


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These guys are professionals and clearly they want to maximise their income as much as they can, but to disparage them as money orientated and greedy is completely without foundation.
In addition, the new messaging orientated mobile widgets and services will allow the company's subscribers to access Google Gmail, forums and photo sharing services.
The new line's multi-material functionality will enable it to process ExxonMobil orientated polypropylene (OPP) films, as well as other flexible substrates, such as polyester, orientated polyamide and orientated high density polyethylene film.
Female car buyers are switching from so-called girlie models to family orientated vehicles.
However, with the Fiat Stilo filling the vacancy as the highest new entry and the Peugeot 307 and the Renault Megane both up two places, it seems the trend is away from 'girlie' cars and towards more family orientated vehicles, says AutoPlanet.
Some other countries, especially those more in favour of environmentally-orientated and animal welfare orientated agriculture, will be the winners.
Tactician are announcing the availability of their Developer Kit to allow a greater number of users access to mapping via their own customised software packages, the company Intranet and Internet Using object orientated technology and the mapping component Tactician, existing applications can be enhanced to build simple geographic viewers, construct Where is my nearest?
Setup, maintenance and use of the data may be carried out with little more than a web browser and a mouse; making it ideal for the non-technically orientated.
When we first started the KEI, the marketing was much more product orientated.
Eystfold Hospital c/o the section for procurements and contracts, invites companies to a competition for a framework agreement for patient orientated turn-out interpretation, telephone interpretation and medical translations.
I hear the groans regarding compulsory mathematics but the less mathematically orientated child could choose a statistics option where the application of probability to real-life problems, investigation of variable dependence and variable dispersion (eg standard deviation) could be appreciated (statistics is an incredibly useful and practical discipline).
We hove a case each of Merrydown Vintage Cider plus curry orientated POS kits to give away to 10 readers.
Troll-Gott Konfekyr AB of Sweden is among the first confectionery companies to use an Ishida Flexible Packaging System (FPS) to present its retail customers with ready-to-use display cartons in which every bag is neatly ordered and correctly orientated.
Because it is not morally/ethically and qualitively orientated.
Trade orientated listed companies is restricted by conditions of itself, and their strategies shall adapted to the expected capital injection and reorganization.