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a projecting bay window corbeled or cantilevered out from a wall


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Off the first floor, which features an oriel window on the landing, is the large master bedroom and fourth double bedroom, as well as a dressing room/study.
Repair work costing pounds 15,000 was carried out in 2005 to an oriel window where a main support girder had been missed out.
Floodlit by a dramatic "crow's-nest" oriel window and featuring a domed ceiling, the space is loft living at its funky best.
There are porthole windows with small medieval panes and a curious west-facing oriel window which seems out of place until you realise that inside on the window seat Jane Morris could catch the last of the evening light to do her embroidery.
On the first floor an Oriel window is the main feature in a sitting area which leads up a stone staircase to the master bedroom with its ensuite.
It contains a huge sofa and mashrabia (a type of projecting oriel window enclosed with engraved wood latticework) windows.
Application ref: M/FP/0636/12/P Address: 15 Ridley Avenue, Middlesbrough Proposal: Retrospective first floor oriel window to side.
The impressive lounge, with its castiron gas stove, oriel window and French doors to the conservatory, is one of Tracey's favourite rooms.
A minstrel gallery overlooks the spacious drawing room, giving a first-floor view through a twin-storey walk-in oriel window.
As you emerge be sure to notice the great Oriel window facing you," said Joe.
Each MP's office has an oriel window, in which its tenant can calmly sit and look over the river, or Pugin, or Shaw or the endlessly changing pantomime of life in Whitehall.
Among the property's unique architectural characteristics are its richly carved stonework, two-story oriel window, gambrel roof framed by massive chimney stacks, and terra-cotta details including sunflowers, the trademark of its Queen-Anne style.
An oak staircase leads from the hall to a galleried landing with an oriel window at the back.
With no time to reload the single musket, four swordsmen faced them beneath the oriel window.