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Synonyms for orgiastic

Synonyms for orgiastic

used of frenzied sexual activity

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used of riotously drunken merrymaking

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You need only watch the film Woodstock and see how a throng of ragtag teenagers rose in unison to vigorously, angrily protest an American war along with Country Joe and the Fish to understand that the music reflected more than the media--obsessed with their sensationalized clips of nude, drug-crazed hippies writhing orgiastically in the mud--let on.
Sinfully red, orgiastically juicy, and a relative of deadly nightshade, tomatoes grew like a weed in the fertile soil of the New World, their dew-dappled fruit tempting the ungodly, and seemingly too good to be true.
The absent ingredient was Ronald Reagan, the man for whose orgiastically celebrated inauguration the whole hostage racket was concocted.
The flashy, heady perks of show biz stardom are 'orgiastically' obvious-millions in the bank, multicarats in the vault, instant 'face value' all over the adoring universe, a nonstop parade of willing and wriggling sex partners in bed, 'breaking news' treatment for the stars' merest grunt or burp!
After orgiastically divesting themselves of bourgeois sexual mores, they overturn conventional attitudes toward sleeping, hygiene, eating, parenting, learning, dressing, keeping track of time--even, finally, rejecting the notion that people should have names.
There are famous theories, according to which Greek tragedy developed from Dionysiac ritual, where the hero /priest interacted with the celebrant /chorus in such a way that at, and as, the climax of the ritual, the distance between them would be orgiastically blanked out, bringing them together into a single body.
Others are more contrived, like the ghastly wedges of cement and steel that commemorate the long-winded, orgiastically self-referential demolition derby in CREMASTER3: Five mint Chrysler Imperials from 1967 (the year of Barney's birth) destroy a customized Chrysler Imperial New Yorker from 1938 (the year of his father's birth and only one year off Serra's).