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Synonyms for orgiastic

Synonyms for orgiastic

used of frenzied sexual activity

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used of riotously drunken merrymaking

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In an attempt to understand the historical rupture of the early twentieth century that almost renders the progress of the entire Western civilization completely meaningless, Patocka re-interprets the wars as the eruption of the demonic orgiastic energy that is essentially human and essentially part of the techno-scientific civilization.
Apart from providing employment to some young cricketers, this orgiastic celebration of cricket's glam quotient has badly harmed the interests of the game.
Similarly, Nietzsche spoke of the Apollonian--the cool, rational and controlled--as opposed to the Dionysian--wild, emotional, and orgiastic. The glory of humanism is that it pulls from both the Enlightenment and the Romantic traditions, balancing heart and mind, reason and compassion.
They concern the orgiastic excess of capitalism, a critique of therapy culture, the loss of ethics with reference to Levinas, the erotic as understood by Bataille vis-a-vis the death-drive, the question of seduction, sexual enjoyment and sexual abuse in Nabokov's Lolita, a plea for a psychoanalysis based on Lacan AND Klein, and a critical take on queer-theory in psychoanalysis.
The mother's orgiastic dance at the end of the film embodies the pain and confusion around the moral contradictions that confront her.
The devilish supporting character in Nikolaus Lenau's narrative poem, Faust, takes centre stage, fiddling a wedding party into an orgiastic dance while the subject of his pact runs about the forest seducing a girl from the village inn.
British racing has already spent a vast sum of money on concocting a suitably orgiastic end to the turf season, and given the current savage belt-tightening it would be virtually criminal to pour more cash away on a curtain-raiser.
In the Belgian auteur and visual artist Jan Fabre's orgiastic new creation (co-authored with Jeroen Olyslaegers) Prometheus--Landscape II, the unapologetically chunky Lawrence Goldhuber can be spotted shackled to a huge rock, writhing, completely nude.
These cults were secret and took place at night; they were in honour of some, but not all, the gods of the pre-Christian world and could be orgiastic in nature.
A mix of stop-motion and line animation brings us the kissing and sex play of various zany objects and queer characters: orgiastic hot dogs, dyke-dramatic numerals, Petra von Kantian lesbian dolls, porn-minded unicorns and the leather daddies that love them and more.
Sure, it might not sound as romantic as Valentine's Day or as orgiastic as Mardi Gras, but LGTB people in Kansas can make a difference this month and come out and be counted in this year's census.
The whole outburst from the boys had started after a remark about their rather bland reputation and how one critic said Westlife "were so anodyne as to make Boyzone look like Led Zeppelin at their most orgiastic".
Given the work's relationship with the drawings on the other side of the wall, highlighted by the presence of shadowy picture frames, it's hard not to read these convulsing, orgiastic figures as those Justices cavorting in the privacy of their chambers.
In the United States and in the Western World, a great, perhaps increasing, number of people echo Stephen in James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man: "I will not serve that in which I no longer believe, whether it call itself my home, my fatherland, or my church." It is forgotten that the founders of Western secular humanism took from the ancient world its loveliest aspects, forgetting or ignoring the ugliness and brutality of that ancient world, its orgiastic elements, its lust for power, and its crude religions.
Finally, the almost orgiastic piece de resistance: the virtual gang bang conducted by Craig's former friends and fellow family values conservatives after the senator's "wide stance" was publicized.