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Synonyms for orgiastic

Synonyms for orgiastic

used of frenzied sexual activity

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used of riotously drunken merrymaking

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In place of von Trier's gathering of orgiasts getting in touch with their inner idiots, Vinterberg stages a family reunion at which the son rebukes the patriarch for raping him and his sister as kids.
The dead body of the first woman's father is clearly visible as she confesses her confused passion; the prostitute turns out to be under the threat of AIDS; the orgiasts, resenting William's intrusion on their saturnalia, threaten him with humiliation and death, and he is "redeemed" only by the intervention of a mysterious woman, who pays for his life with her own.
Sex Club," 1998, his series of twelve billboard-scale pictures of gay orgiasts (nine of which canvases were shown here), painted in a faux-naive style using flat, preschool colors, have undeniable charm.
The orgiasts themselves had a Brechtian cast, cavorting in mangy furs out of Goodwill, flashbulbs popping, plastic surgeons doing their thing, all very glitzy.
That night, he dreamed that in a fetid jungle, surrounded by naked orgiasts, he was taking part in horrible, Priapean rites.