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Synonyms for orgasm



Synonyms for orgasm

the moment of most intense pleasure in sexual intercourse

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The title Closer refers to the orgasmic vanishing point many women reach, yet without being able to get over the hump ("I'm sooo close!").
Timothy Ferriss, in his book 'The 4-Hour Body' said Orgasmic Meditation should be 'required education for every man on the planet'.
The Orgasmic Consistency Scale (McIntyre-Smith & Fisher, 2011) was composed of eight items that assessed orgasmic consistency associated with different forms of sexual stimulation during partnered activities.
A vacuum device, EROS-CTD (clitoral therapy device), is FDA-approved for the treatment of FSAD and orgasmic disorder.
"It was an orgasmic double bill of A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back in Hawaii.
A RANGE of "orgasmic" chocolates said to create a feeling of euphoria was launched today.
How can I become orgasmic?" Even though there's better sex information out there now, a lot of women don't really come into their sexuality until well into adulthood.
Seven black clad performers, the manifestation of Orpheus's emotions twitch energetically in spasmic, orgasmic movements.
Perry further notes that the legendary "sex machine" is barely visible, and what takes the place of the sex is an "orgasmic enjoyment of violence." I'm forced to ask: Is this for Shaft or the viewer?
The scores can range from 1, for a horrible poem, to 10, for an orgasmic poetic experience.
Her bombs (male, female, or androgynous) erupt into mushroom clouds that are equally noxious and ecstatic--an orgasmic nihilism exponentially more far-reaching than any single petite mort--relentlessly reminding us that violence is very often bound up with sadistic sexuality.
What we missed, though, was the physical assault on the guts that performances under Rattle in Birmingham Town Hall used to give; heaven forbid this orgasmic experience should ever be sanitised.
In fact, Holstege says, orgasmic brain activity resembles that seen in a person taking heroin.
In a multicenter, randomized, double-blind study, 39 hypogonadic men using testosterone-gel 1% in addition to sildenafil showed significant increases in erectile function, orgasmic function, and overall satisfaction, compared with 36 control patients using sildenafil and placebo, Dr.
Dictatorships invariably try to suppress and distort memory - Nazi book bonfires were the most dramatic recent instances of memory suppression, with their triumphal images of history being destroyed in mass orgasmic rituals, carefully recorded in sound and sight bites.