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Synonyms for orgasm



Synonyms for orgasm

the moment of most intense pleasure in sexual intercourse

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A survey found that engaging in self-love can produce better orgasms, reports Daily Star Online.
When researchers involved in the study asked 1,055 cisgender women aged 18 to 94 about their sex lives and sexual touching preferences, many reported that penetration alone was not enough to achieve an orgasm.
If you're worried about upsetting him, then don't say you've been faking it, but explain that lately you're finding it more difficult to orgasm.
IN THE BEGINNING Jack and I started to have sex regularly but I had never felt anything remotely pleasurable enough to be called an orgasm and I started to fixate on there being something wrong with me.
I don't know about you, but I can't remember the last time I had an orgasm from getting my hair brushed.
Leaving aside questions of synchronicity, Jagose plunges into the careers of orgasm for straight women and gay men, who both "emblematize in very different ways both the forces and expressions of modern life, [and] they do so not together but at a temporal remove from each other" (p.
The chapters on simultaneous orgasm and faked orgasm are particularly compelling.
Whipple and Komisaruk (1985) reported that in women, pain thresholds are increased during vaginal orgasm (3).
Listen to my Female Orgasm helpline on 0901 565 5502.
From the viewpoint of Taoist sexology, orgasm is defined by the pulsation of sexual energy and is not to be confused with ejaculation, which releases seed essence out the "ancestral muscle" or "jade stalk" (penis).
An AARP survey of 745 women over age 45 found that less than a third said they always had an orgasm during intercourse, with slightly more than a third saying they "usually" reached orgasm.
Similarly, while masturbating to orgasm in the presence of another was considered to be having sex by less than 4% of participants, 34% reported that this behaviour was sufficient to consider that persona sexual partner and 95% considered it to be unfaithful.
FRIENDS star Jennifer Aniston yesterday told how she barred co- star Jim Carrey from watching a scene where she had to fake an orgasm.
Amy's Orgasm,'' apparently part of a cinematic series chronicling the dating and mating rituals of neurotic single women, follows Davis' not-much-fresher ``I Love You, Don't Touch Me