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Synonyms for organizer

Synonyms for organizer

a person who brings order and organization to an enterprise

someone who enlists workers to join a union

a lightweight consumer electronic device that looks like a hand-held computer but instead performs specific tasks

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If spending a lot of money isn't your idea of fun, maybe you should look at the very bottom of the price scale, where you can find a range of little organizer devices from companies like Tiger Electronics.
With the Home Organizer, family members now can easily share schedules to help balance work and home life.
Organizers are trying to field up to 16 players from the four Dream Teams - the 1992 and '96 Olympic teams and the '94 and '98 World Championship teams.
Smith decided to pursue owning a Major Organizers[R] franchise business, seeking to control her destiny as a professional organizer.
According to details issued from PTI provincial secretariat, Gul Bacha was appointed as Organizer and Malik Usman Bashir as Deputy Organizer from Town 1, Ihtisham Khan as Organizer and Arbab Shahnawaz Khan as Deputy Organizer from Town 2, Abdul Wahab Khalil as Organizer and Shabbir Ahmed as Deputy Organizer for Town 3 whereas Niazullah Barki was appointed as Organizer and Shiraz Khan of Shaikhan as Deputy Organizer for Town 4.
Certain areas of your tax organizer might be confusing, at least to some clients.
In Chicago alone, an estimated 300,000 protesters joined in what organizers called the "Great American Boycott of 2006" or "A Day Without Immigrants," to protest proposed legislation aimed at enforcing our borders and to call for the legalization of millions of illegal aliens.
Being organized is a definite asset to becoming a professional organizer.
We strongly believe that Reed Sinopharm will not only consolidate its top position in the Chinese healthcare exhibition market but will also expand to international markets to become a global leading exhibitions organizer in the medical and pharmaceutical sector.
This is about visibility" for women, dyke march organizer Julia says, "but if a guy can be down with that, then right on.
dB Organizer comes with pre-designed templates that include stamp, coin, wine, sports card and book organizers for the hobbyist, as well as inventory, hardware, address and Internet organizers for the business person.
Curious to see what a year has brought to the field of Internet organizers, I obtained a version of Webforia and compared it to SurfSaver, which has been my organizer of choice since I reviewed it.
Without it, one organizer explained, there would be no focus to the celebration: no pageant, no coronation ball, no Miss Chinatown float for the annual parade, and no fashion show.
Royal Consumer Business Products continues to redefine what a low-end personal organizer should be.