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2 percent); the majority of residents in these states don't identify with organized religion and are open to more personal ways to remember their loved ones.
Protestants' confidence in the church and organized religion also hit a new low this year, with 51% now saying they have a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in it.
Just not the kinds of blind belief that organized religions tend to advocate.
The historical record suggests, in fact, that organized religion is as responsible for people's skepticism as secularization.
When it comes to questioning authority, Fischer has no problem expressing contempt for organized religion.
Adolescent girls are less likely to be alienated from organized religion than boys.
An in-depth look at organized religion from the point of view of a modern day mystic, this book offers some interesting questions.
This spectrum thus includes men whose wartime experiences led them to reject organized religion, but not their belief in the existence of God, as well as Anglicans who converted to Roman Catholicism.
The Code's gnostic solution to life's big questions is subjective individualism, as opposed to organized religion.
Spirituality and organized religion go hand in hand, if we are indeed "social beings by divine design" (p.
Even today, with interest in organized religion on the wane, sacred architecture, in its many forms, still expresses and manifests human striving to connect with a sense of the divine.
For this reason I can't help but see organized religion as a major accomplice--through the sin of silence--in the continued economic hopelessness of a growing majority of people on this planet, a hopelessness that also causes environmental degradation.
It also shows a renewed interest in organized religion among adolescents.
But he quickly alienated large sectors of the Venezuelan population with his diatribes against Venezuela's wealthy (whom he has referred to as "squealing pigs"), his crackdowns on organized religion, and his rigid socialist economic policies.