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Synonyms for organize

Synonyms for organize

to put into a deliberate order

to arrange in an orderly manner

to assemble, prepare, or put into operation, as for war or a similar emergency

to bring into existence formally

Synonyms for organize

plan and direct (a complex undertaking)

bring order and organization to

arrange by systematic planning and united effort

form or join a union

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Her advice to any organization that would organize with family childcare providers is to "hear us-not just what we say, but the heartfelt things that we don't say.
After talking to workfare workers at some of the 500 workfare cites in Los Angeles County, ACORN organizers found numerous issues to organize around.
In summary, the authors have addressed several dimensions surrounding efforts to organize the Internet.
Nor did they depend upon those workers to organize the union through mass picketing and long strikes.
The use of "salts"--persons on the union's payroll who present themselves as applicants to organize from within--is becoming more common.
This important volume breaks new ground in its analysis of how unions organize immigrants.
Last year, the SEIU entered into a jurisdictional agreement with the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Union (HERE) under which the SEIU agreed not to organize hotel workers or gambling employees and, in turn, HERE agreed not to organize janitors or health care workers.
Financial Executive talked to a number of CFOs about how they organize their business lives.
When Mele organized a meeting last month to attempt to organize a tax revolt, the response was less than enthusiastic.
And when workers try to organize to change this environment, employers mercilessly violate their rights to keep them from winning a union.
Once you've made that New Year's resolution to organize your garage, find the motivation to follow through.
The most basic labor right--the right to organize a union--does not exist in actual fact in many workplaces across the country.
They would just need enough young people to become convinced that the quality of education that America's public schools afford them is an issue around which they and their families ought to organize.
But he was afraid it would be too much work for his small staff to organize.
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