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a chart showing the lines of responsibility between departments of a large organization

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Sold as an add-in product to SP Business Suite, TeamOrgChart provides an interactive organization chart application that allows you to create, search, navigate and print organization charts.
Now Kitzhaber is redrawing the organization chart, partly to reflect the emerging reality of institutional autonomy and partly in pursuit of his goal of improved coordination among all levels of education.
Their moves have stirred up the rest of the organization chart.
Gray boxes on the high end of the organization chart also reinforce a now well-established recognition that those who labor for a nonprofit are a source of outright value, not just a way to plug holes in the production engine.
While we must still have organization charts to define the ultimate accountability, three inter-related developments have intervened to push the conventional organization chart into the background and change the role of management.
The advent of one-on-one marketing techniques and customer relationship management thinking led to a desire in most units to be able to use state-of-the-art systems to serve the customer regardless of where he 'belonged' on the organization chart.
Organizations--and health care organizations excel at this--usually have networks and coalitions of people that are not visible on the formal organization chart.
Thus, one of the first requirements for ISO registration is that the lines of responsibility and authority within the organization be clearly documented, typically on an organization chart.
Instead, they function as part of a labyrinthine molecular bureaucracy whose organization chart scientists have sought to fathom for decades, says Richard A.
Provides the visual presence of an organization chart within a timekeeping environment and offers the extended benefit of automated reporting structures.
The purpose of this contract is to implement the organization chart of mechanical keys for communal buildings.
Collapse / Expand of nodes in Organization Chart control
Appendices offer a Department of State organization chart, Foreign Service core precepts, a list of those interviewed for the book, and list of websites and blogs, plus extensive chapter notes and a glossary.
Members of the Board of Directors approved provisions on the Board of Directors, Board, risk manager, internal auditor, organization chart and budget.
I hope that we don't just move boxes around on the organization chart.
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