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Synonyms for organiser

someone who enlists workers to join a union

a person who brings order and organization to an enterprise

a lightweight consumer electronic device that looks like a hand-held computer but instead performs specific tasks

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Organiser : Agora -- Gesellschaft fE-r Literatur, Kunst und Kultur e.
Organiser : Lenaugrundschule in Berlin-Kreuzberg / Katrin Schings
Auckland organiser David Waits has been appointed to the co-ordinating position for the northern region.
CPEC is China's leading organiser of trade shows and events for pharmaceutical products, medical devices and other healthcare products.
Psion actually created the electronic organizer market and gave the category its name when it introduced the $150 Organiser II in 1984.
Te Runanga o Aotearoa NZNO activist, nurse and NZNO delegate Billy Stewart has been appointed to the half-time organiser position in Whangarei.