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involving carbon compounds

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Organically grown vegetables, cereals and crops command better prices in the market, as these are free from hazardous chemicals.
He did not discount the project's value to a growing population of health conscious Filipinos in search of organically grown rice that could save them from diabetes.
Speaking at an investor conference, Sammann also noted that his company was always open to opportunities, but at the moment it wanted to grow organically with its European clearinghouse as well as CME Europe.
As a result, the land on which crops are grown organically expanded by 5,266 hectares, or 2,000 percent, as the number of farmers growing crops organically went up from 120 to more than 1,300.
The majority of studies that compare organically grown with conventionally grown produce find more nutrients and less pesticide residue in organic food; yet, a widely publicized 2009 systematic review led by A.
The demand for organically produced food continues to increase, as many consumers believe that organic fruit, vegetables and meat are more nutritious than traditional products.
Consumer concern over the safety of conventionally grown fresh produce has intensified, increasing demand for organically grown vegetables.
A few events close to home will be offered during a statewide Organically Grown in Oregon observance.
Growing healthy vegetable crops; working with nature to control diseases and pests organically, rev.
It revealed non-organically grown vegetables were tastier and more nutritious than organically grown crops.
Revenues from e-commerce services grew organically by EUR16.
THERE appear to be little or no nutritional or taste benefits to growing food organically as opposed to non-organically, a two-year study by consumer group Which?
Small-scale trials of three popular crops - potatoes, calabrese (broccoli) and tomatoes - revealed non-organically grown vegetables were tastier and more nutritious than organically grown crops, according to experts for the watchdog.
Today, Herbal Animals crafts soothing handmade herbal eye pillows of all sizes with organically grown cotton either low-impact dyed, or color grown (naturally grown in soft shades of green or brown).
The company told Feedinfo News Service that The farmland will be used exclusively for the cultivation of organically grown grains.