organic process

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a process occurring in living organisms

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Halal is a big part of the organic process and the feed of the animal to the life it has and the way it is slaughtered.
Covered with grubby, muddy paint, each of his pieces is the result of an organic process of painting and repainting, through which an accumulation of painterly incident documents its coming into being.
Through that explicitly reflexive, serf-seeking activity, the physical, organic process becomes the life of a mind.
The plan foresees the country producing staple food and fruits through a 100 percent organic process in the next 10 years.
They tell their friends about us, and the practice grows in an organic process.
The study was reported in ACS' journal Organic Process Research and Development.
The technology used in the plant is an advanced high-rate wastewater treatment mechanism known as Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR), coupled with an organic process known as Reed Bed treatment, added Mr Potter.
Whether it's a menu for our dinners, a fundraiser, a cooking or wine workshop, an event, wedding, or just a good old party, we embrace this organic process, so within each day we can rejoice and reconnect with all who are involved.
When I started becoming religious 10 years ago it was a very natural and organic process.
found the organic process time effective for the young enabling them to spend more time in games,
But this work is of necessity a slow, organic process involving hundreds of small-to-medium, sustainable and non-sensational improvements.
There is an organic process at work by which I trust some meaningful issues will evolve.
The development of the show is an organic process and improvisation is a major part of each performance.
Xue has cleverly made this appear to be an organic process, giving the impression that one is watching a transformation take place.
We listened to those who attended the Masterclass and developed this pilot around their comments and suggestions, but it is an organic process, and we intend to learn from those who come through now before we put amore extensive programme together to be launched in the next few months," she said.