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law determining the fundamental political principles of a government

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The Ministry of Women, Family and Children has launched a communication campaign on this organic law, which will come into force next February in partnership with the European Union, the United Nations Population Fund, the civil society and relevant government structures.
The procedure is in line with Articles 126 and 148 of the Constitution and Article 32 of the organic law on the election body.
He added that the organic law organising the associations that will be developed in partnership with the civil society components will not question the freedoms but will help include new forms of associations like non-profit organisations and to create new concepts that are part of the action of associations such as the solidarity economy, highlighting the need to create mechanisms for governance of associations and strengthen their control to ensure the transparency of their internal and external funding.
The minister added that the draft organic law against racial discrimination offers, for the first time in Tunisia, a legislative framework criminalising racial discrimination and includes severe sanctions to fight against all its forms.
TAP) - The Ministry in charge of relations with Constitutional Authorities, Civil Society and Human Rights will conduct Tuesday, December 5 in Djerba, a consultation for the benefit of civil society components in the governorate of Medenine on the draft organic law on combating racial discrimination.
TAP) -- The House of People's Representatives (HPR) office on Tuesday received a set of bills and loan agreements submitted by the Prime Ministry with a request for review as a priority, including the draft organic law of the audio-visual communication, HPR deputy-speaker in charge of communication, Mohamed Souf, told TAP on Tuesday evening.
Guarantees granted by SHF, previously known as Fondo de Operacion y Financiamiento Bancario a la Vivienda, or "FOVI," carry an 'mxAAA' rating, reflecting the organization's counterparty credit rating, which is based on the full support it receives from Mexico according to language stipulated in the Sociedad Hipotecaria Federal Organic Law, which states that the government will respond at all times to the obligations acquired by SHF.
The meeting debate on the Tunisian organic law that will come into force in February 2018 was an opportunity to present the achievements and shortcomings of this text adopted by the House of People's Representatives on July 26, 2017.
Article 87a does not run contrary to the provisions of the organic law nA;2016-22 dated March 24, 2016, on the right to access to information.
TAP) - A national consultation on the draft organic law against racial discrimination will be held Monday in Tunis.
TAP) -- Minister of Relations with Constitutional Affairs, Civil Society and Human Rights Mehdi Ben Gharbia said Wednesday that the draft organic law on the Human Rights Authority which will be discussed for the first time today in the Parliamentary Committee on Rights, Freedoms and External Relations, was developed as part of a national and regional consultation.
Under the Organic Law, Pemex is entrusted with the central planning and the strategic management of Mexico's petroleum industry.
TAP) AaAaAeA{AaAaAeA} The National Guard General Union called on Sunday to promul governmental decree to compensate terrorism victims and their families in compliance to organic law no.
Speaking on the sidelines of the 4th workshop, held in Sousse, on the "Relative Legal Framework of Whistleblowers", Koubaa explained that the creation of this commission, composed of members of the Prime Ministry and of the INLUCC, was inspired by the transitional provisions contained in the organic law n 1/2[sup.
The appeals against the candidate lists intervene in implementation of the provisions of article 27 of the organic law nAaAaAeAa; 2014-16 relati to the elections and the referendums, ISIE specifies in a statement.
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