organic fertilizer

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a fertilizer that is derived from animal or vegetable matter

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The organic fertilizer was uniformly spread on the plots and manually- worked into the soil using a hand hoe, two weeks before planting.
After working as organic farmers in the Caledon area for the past 15 years, the progression into organic fertilizers was only natural.
In some cases, the organic fertilizer also triggered a breakdown of the twin that microbes had previously ignored.
Further, the report provides in-depth analyses organic fertilizer market in the country.
Application of biocontrol agents could take advantage of the nutrients in organic fertilizer to promote rhizosphere colonization, thus play a biological role after the combination of biocontrol agents and organic fertilizer.
Romeo Concio, City General Services Officer, said the organic fertilizer can be purchased at P6.
Does my farm need to be certified 'organic' to use BioGrow365 organic fertilizer and soil conditioner?
Many good, inexpensive organic fertilizer alternatives are available.
To another question, the federal minister did not support the idea of utilizing organic fertilizer for crop cultivation saying that the countries like Pakistan could not afford it owing to increasing demand of food.
Converted Organics Inc (Nasdaq:COIN), a producer of organic soil amendment and fertilizer products, announced on Wednesday record increases in sales of its natural, organic fertilizer products in October 2010 and for the year to date.
SUTTON - A company that converts food waste into organic fertilizer plans to open a facility here.
The Ca content was also increased with applications of both the organic fertilizer and poultry manure but was reduced with NPK fertilizer application.
District Court alleges Kern County is violating state and federal laws by banning the legal application of an organic fertilizer.
PT Interindo Global (IG) will build trash recycling center to be organic fertilizer with has production capacity of 220 tons per day to fulfill the need of agriculture sector.
Producers of organic fertilizer in China, including contact details and product range