organic disorder

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disorder caused by a detectable physiological or structural change in an organ

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As a consequence, many psychiatrists saw no reason to keep track of any organic disorders in cases of Capgras.
This alerted psychiatrists to the idea that sometimes organic disorders were not simply accidental or cases of co-morbidity and encouraged them to at least start registering the presence or absence of organic disorders in cases of Capgras.
499], and the only statistically significant variable in the model was having an organic disorder (odds ratio =7.
In contrast, the only factors associated with the discharge of guardianship patients were having an organic disorder and having shorter lengths of hospitalization.
Table 3 Weighted Proportions of Aged and Disabled Samples That Saw a Mental Health Specialist During 1991 Aged Disabled Main Psychiatric Condition (n=427) (n=346) Percent Any Disorder(**) 29 70 Psychotic Disorders(**) 26 84 Organic Disorders 28 55 Substance Abuse Disorders 25 26 Affective Disorders(**) 55 83 Anxiety Disorders(**) 17 53 All Other Disorders(*) 33 59
Elizabeth alluded to the difficulty encountered with somatoform disorder not having a pattern of recovery like organic disorders, such as stroke:
Disease processes that may warn the nurse of a violent event are confusion, organic disorders, or intoxication with drugs or alcohol.
Differential diagnosis of VEOS should include; organic disorders (such as delirium, seizure disorders, central nervous system lesions, metabolic disorders, substance abuse and toxic encephalopathies etc), mood disorders with psychotic features, pervasive developmental disorders (PDD), sexual or physical traumas, nonpsychotic behavioral or emotional disorders (including dissociative disorder) (2).
Disruptive behavior can be due to stress, substance abuse and psychiatric or organic disorders.
freedom from organic disorders, disease and deficiencies that interfere with sexual and reproductive function.
DSM-IV discards the term organic disorders, stating that it "incorrectly implies that non organic mental disorders do not have a biological basis"
Part 1 comprises 58 EMQs, divided into 8 chapters, covering questions on mental state examinations, general adult psychiatry, developmental and organic disorders, treatments, and management issues.
Chapter Two, "Causes and Classifications of Voice Disorders," discusses dysphonia, muscle misuse voice disorders, organic disorders, motor speech disorder, occupational factors, voice disorders in children and the elderly, and irritable larynx syndrome.
Among study participants, ED was most commonly caused by vascular or other organic disorders (48 percent), followed by a mixed organic and psychogenic causes (29 percent) and exclusively psychogenic causes (21 percent).
Also, doctors viewed patients with organic disorders more favorably than those with functional disorders (Am.