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a pesticide or drug containing arsenic

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After WWII Monsanto and others entered the DDT market as it rapidly replaced the older organic arsenicals.
ZIO-101 is a proprietary small molecule organic arsenical licensed from The University of Texas M.
It is commonly bound to carbon, iron, oxygen, and sulfur, forming inorganic and organic arsenicals in various oxidation states.
Cells expressing any of the mutants remained resistant to MAs(III) (Figure 4A) and were unable to take up the organic arsenical (Figure 4B).
Because the liver is a known target of arsenic, we examined the pathophysiologic and molecular effects of inorganic and organic arsenical exposure on Tg.
Carcinogenicity of an organic arsenical, dimethylarsinic acid and related arsenicals in rat urinary bladder [Abstract].
Organic arsenicals [Web page', Environmental Protection Agency.
The organic arsenicals, MSMA and DSMA, are labeled for use against emerged annual grasses.
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