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a sheer stiff muslin


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Curvature of double-membrane organdies generated by changes in membrane size and composition.
Scientists have known for years that tau is important in maintaining microtubule integrity and, therefore, their ability to transport materials and organdies, such as mitochondria, between the cell body of the neuron and the synapse.
Importantly, although chromosomes are dynamic organdies, the epigenetic information can be quite stable, surviving multiple rounds of mitotic cell division (Cavalli and Paro 1998), meiosis (Cavalli and Paro 1998), or even nuclear transfer (Ng and Gurdon 2005).
Pero no conflictua a su hija, Julia Rubio, que elige de inmediato ser hija de Mi General Rubio y cosechar las mieses de un futuro subitamente promisorio que incluye organdies y fiestas de gran gala.
Because the ooplasm contains tiny organdies called mitochondria, and because each mitochondrion contains a small loop of DNA, ooplasm transplantation entails the transfer of genetic material from one egg to the other.
This has included determining the membrane systems and organdies of cells where A[[beta].
wonders of Islam, taffetas, organdies, brocades, damasks.
Smith's Kat Madcharo-Ridel, manager of product development, sheer with variety of textures, open weaves, organdies, crisp fabrics and tonal patterns that add subtle nuances to the overall look is a way to sell sheers.