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"She was like a rabbit in the headlights of a car, and is so nervous her eyes were like organ stops."
Several organ stops no longer work and in the past its sound has been likened to "an asthmatic old man".
Both of them contributed in their own distinctive ways to the local colour range of organ stops by patterns taken from the German and Italian organ building areas.
Each of the 100 cars also features 18K gold plated organ stops inspired by those in the No.9 'Blower' and '1 of 100' treadplates.
Many have attributed the phenomenality of his style to his ability to configure and use organ stops effectively.
It was Hughie Green who, with eyes popping like organ stops, announced that Opportunity Knocks.
The demonstration of reed organ stops in the last tracks of the compact disc are of tremendous benefit to understanding the registration and color possibilities of the instruments.
"I can recall the very first day I went to the training ground - the Press and players had eyes like organ stops. They could not believe what he was doing.
As a young sailor with his eyes standing out like organ stops and the swagger of a "first-timer", he would soon see the shimmering glory of cloud-bruising New York.
"It's so cold up here you'd think they've both stolen a pair of organ stops and hidden them up the front of their jumpers."