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When the ordure hit the fan at DBP, an internal probe was conducted.
Pictorially, the works buzz like neon signs, and materially, they evince an exoticism and an intensity that extend far beyond the offending ordure.
The hapless PS1 million a year PFA PF figurehead soon found himself facing bucketloads of ordure from the incandescent digital tribes and their shrieking acolytes.
The ordure provides sustenance to fungi known as Sporormiella.
But it also treated the urban environment as an object of intervention, and to clean away the stagnant ordure that was thought to create miasmas and thus disease, it provided building codes, publicly owned water and sanitation, and controls on overcrowding in lodging houses.
The pilgrims who have travelled from far and wide are famished and unkempt, numbers of them dying on the roadside, their corpses devoured by vultures, dogs, and jackals, while cattle feed richly on the human ordure deposited along the way.
Puanteur is the only overt reference to the smell of carrion in the poem, though arguably some words (pourriture, exhalaison, ventre putride, ordure, and the word charogne itself) conjure odors more than images.
Instead, all choices and positions are "contaminated" so to speak, by the ordure of colonialism, which is why the vision and commitment to social justice is so vital when navigating the thickets of colonial power.
Not by chance, the prostitute Thaide also appears with shit under her fingernails in Inferno 18, in the bolgia of the flatterers (whose punishment is echoed by Simone's fall into a ditch full of ordure in 8.
Twenty-nine minutes into the film a shot shows a pile of ordure and excrement in the courtyard of a dilapidated block of tenements.
He's matured into an ordure disturber par excellence.
Recent rain had overflowed the kennel and the cobbles were slick with mud and ordure, and of course the entire clientele of the Mermaid had come out into the narrow street to watch.
Les mots envers DeMille sont parfois tres durs : vulgarite, ordure, manipulation, abaissement et corruption du spectateur ; les films sont ridiculises ou meprises.
It just strikes me, by the way, that that phrase was invented by the Divine Marquis, although he had it "lore and ordure.