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the status of being ordained to a sacred office

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logical or comprehensible arrangement of separate elements

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That said, there is ample evidence for women deacons in Christian history Starting with Phoebe, the only deacon named as such in Scripture, numerous references to women deacons appear in epigraphs, letters, chronicles and, most importantly, ordination rites for women deacons in the Western and Eastern churches.
Ordination is one of three formal authorizing practices for ministry.
Many Christian denominations allow ordination of women, but the Catholic Church has been strictly following the age-old law of allowing only men to be ordained as priests.
1) reports that Mahapajapati was the first woman to receive higher ordination.
The recent revival of bhikkhuni ordination aroused considerable public and academic interest in Thailand and elsewhere.
Presbyteries and sessions now will examine candidates for ordination or installation with the standard being that a candidate's "manner of life should be a demonstration of the Christian gospel in the church and in the world.
As he arrived on Friday for the meeting, Hong Kong's outspoken Joseph Cardinal Zen said China's planned ordination of a bishop who doesn't have the approval of Holy Father was illegitimate, shameful and uncivilized.
The ordination ceremony was carried by the Archbishop of Birmingham, Bernard Longley, and came nearly 30 years after Father Marko, who now lives in Toronto, baptised his nephew, Father Puljic, in 1981.
Ordination is not about authority or influence in the Church.
The Licensing took place this week at an ordination service at Liverpool Cathedral.
Dhammavati, the leading bhikkhuni of Nepal and her group received full ordination at this time.
Susan Christine Johnson to national bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC), a 45-year history of women seeking ordination to the Lutheran Church was realized at the highest level.
Kevin Madigan and Carolyn Osiek provide a history of the ordination of women in documentary form, ranging from first-century New Testament texts to canons regarding female presbyters in the eighth century C.
To people outside the Episcopal church of the United States of America (ECUSA), the recent saga of internal and external recriminations over the ordination of Gene Robinson, an openly and non-celibate gay priest, as bishop of New Hampshire, is usually understood in the familiar secular language of liberalism and conservatism, of progress and tradition, and of moralism and relativism, with observers taking sides on the basis of their own political or cultural views.
It might be tempting to cut right to ordination here, but we're really nowhere near the issue Pope John Paul II closed for discussion in 1994.