ordinary bicycle

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an early bicycle with a very large front wheel and small back wheel


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This was an ordinary bicycle with a miniature petrol engine built into the wheel.
Nicky Armstrong, aged 32, from Perth, said: 'I would rather be racing here on a penny than in Sydney on an ordinary bicycle.
Unlike the traditional Chinese versions, the rickshaw of industrial design engineering student Chris Boocock is an electrically-assisted single-passenger type, no wider than an ordinary bicycle with speeds of 15mph.
Just snap them on and you can add all kinds of eye-catching lights and sounds so even the most ordinary bicycle is instantly transformed with a touch of electronic bling.
26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- element14, the first collaborative community and electronics store for design engineers and electronics enthusiasts, and modding guru Ben Heck, bring attention to cycling safety by outfitting an ordinary bicycle with electronic, light-up ping sensors to alert bicyclists if they ride too close to cars or other objects on the latest episode of "The Ben Heck Show.