ordinary bicycle

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an early bicycle with a very large front wheel and small back wheel


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Just snap them on and you can add all kinds of eye-catching lights and sounds so even the most ordinary bicycle is instantly transformed with a touch of electronic bling.
The ebikes run smoothly and it does not look like an ordinary bicycle at all.
Though it looks like an ordinary bicycle wheel with an oversized centre, but inside its red hub are packed electronic gadgets.
SEATTLE -- Imagine the pain and numbness you'd experience if you used an ordinary bicycle seat on the world's longest bicycle race.
City of Vsters has a need bikes for anniversary gifts for employees, but also ordinary bicycles and electric bicycles to home care services and other activities.
Impressive in their day, the special effects, including flights through the air on ordinary bicycles, are beautifully realised, the best being the alien itself who walks, talks, does tricks, gets tipsy and even seems on the point of weeping.