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a person being ordained

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John Plessis, 35, first-year ordinand at St Michael's College, Cardiff, said, 'I don't think the rise of secularism is as pronounced as people make it out to be.
Eminent theatre actor Alan Howard makes a rareTV appearance as Father SebastianMorrell, the college's sharp-tongued warden, and former Neighbours heartthrobJesse Spencer adds an unlikely but effective supporting role as young ordinand Raphael, whose mysterious past holds the key to the future of the college.
For example, in the East the male ordinand touches the altar with his forehead; the woman stands upright; the man receives the Rhipidion--a sacred fan--as symbol of his office, but the woman does not.
This volume collects 26 unpublished and published papers of the late US economist Paul Heyne (1931-2000), many of which are concerned with the question posed by the title (also the title of the first essay) and the relationship between economics and theology (a lifelong concern of Heyne, who was a Lutheran ordinand in the 1950s).
Selwyn had been a squatter on the Namoi before offering himself as an ordinand to Bishop Tyrrell at the age of twenty-eight.
He chronicles at considerable length these years of formation through the various stages of the making of a Jesuit: novice, philosopher, scholastic, theologian, regent, ordinand, tertian.
It was Talleyrand's uncle, the archbishop of Rheims, who got him into the priesthood, even though by then the ordinand was most probably atheist.
The temptation can be to demand that all the teaching which an ordinand (say) receives be useful, that it serve certain clearly specified goals, that it fit clearly within a clear practical strategy and equip the student for pursuing that strategy.
The ordinand was to present the bishop with testimonials of his character, orthodoxy, and general fitness by local ministers and endorsements by the commissary and governor; he was also to have a title, that is, a firm promise of clerical employment after ordination.
She went to Cranmer Hall in Durham for a degree in Theology and Ministry and then to Theological College where she was the youngest ordinand in the country.
The reader was David Steele and the sermon was given by Charleen Smith, a trainee ordinand from Mirfield, who is training in the Holme Valley.
While reading Law at Oxford University, he received a vocation to the ordained ministry, and on being accepted as an ordinand of the Church in Wales, began a degree in Theology in Cambridge.
After the "amen," the archbishop then vested the ordinand with the diaconal orarion (a long stole symbolic of the diaconal office), placing it around her neck, under her maphorion, and bringing the two ends of the stole around to the front.
Jesse stars alongside Martin Shaw as young ordinand Raphael in Death In Holy Orders, a gripping murder mystery based on the PD James novel, in which he's at the top of the suspect list.