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Synonyms for ordinal

the number designating place in an ordered sequence

being or denoting a numerical order in a series


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Also, our proposition integrates advantages of combining distinction of Gabor response with flexibility of ordinal filters [5].
(ii) Each second kind countable ordinal is attainable via such sequences.
El conjunto de todos los ordinales constructivos es el ordinal [[omega].sub.1.sup.CK].
Where: Age (continuous variable); GCS = Glasgow Coma Scale (continuous variable); AIS_HN = Head/Neck Abbreviated Injury Score (ordinal variable); AIS_CHS = Chest Abbreviated Injury Score (ordinal variable); and AIS__EXT = Extremity Abbreviated Injury Scale (ordinal variable).
Although the response options to any given survey question should be treated as ordinal data, Likert scales will often have a much broader range of values, may approximate a normal distribution, and may be treated as interval or continuous data for purposes of statistical analysis [5].
Prior literature has contrasted the efficiency properties of either ordinal or cardinal tournaments against those of piece rates.
Ordinal measuring level implies not only the classification of the elements in categories but also the chance of arranging them from minimum to maximum.
What are lowest, highest, shortest and longest number names, cardinal and ordinal, whose letters are in alphabetical order?
The ordinal performance is concerned with whether the solution belongs to the good enough set.
La obra de Gunten (La validite des ordinations anglicanes: les documents de la commission preparatoire a la lettre Apostolicae curae) recogia los precedentes historicos de la polemica desde la publicacion del Ordinal anglicano hasta el inicio de los trabajos de la comision preparatoria.
For each question determine if it is categorical, numerical, nominal, ordinal and /or discrete or continuous data?
Among the topics are differential equations, binary and ordinal data analysis in economics, modeling temperature for pricing weather derivatives, fractional calculus and its applications, and Markov-jump stochastic models for tropical convection.
Regression methods such as linear, logistic, and ordinal regression are useful tools to analyze the relationship between multiple explanatory variables, e.g., partial quality attributes, and dependent variable, e.g., overall quality of service.