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Synonyms for orderly

Synonyms for orderly

arranged or proceeding in a set, systematized pattern

Synonyms for orderly

a soldier who serves as an attendant to a superior officer

a male hospital attendant who has general duties that do not involve the medical treatment of patients

devoid of violence or disruption


clean or organized


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Therefore, the board of directors decided that an orderly liquidation and winding down of its licensed businesses, would best maximise value that benefits its creditors and stakeholders.
Global Banking News-December 2, 2015--BoE deputy governor says banks should fail in an orderly manner
CPO Sarfraz Ahmed hold a police orderly room in his office in which 34 police officers were appeared while appeals of 26 officials were reviewed.
The administration of Republican President Donald Trump favored keeping the "orderly liquidation authority" (OLA) created by the 2010 Dodd-Frank law but also urged Congress to expand the U.S.
He said that as the bill had not been signed, 'any talk of an orderly appropriation process will be mere cheap talk''.
"The observance of Undas in Eastern Visayas was orderly and peaceful and no untoward incidents were reported in the region," Carlos said.
get unruly so napakahalaga na 'yung mga supporters ay maging orderly sa kanilang pagiikot sa mga mga daan-daan, 'no?' he added.
Your strategies should include phasing out items and customers in an orderly fashion, which may entail advance communications with certain customers to explain the upcoming changes and to help them through the transition.
It also looked at what schools do to prevent problem behaviors and how they promote a safe and orderly environment.
At least that's the case with Flicker (all works 1993-94), in which firey-orang and yellow lava sticks line up in an orderly ceremonial formation on a matte-black surface, so luscious and soft it looks like chocolate graham crackers.
Meeting minutes are released through an orderly process that guarantees equal access for everyone who wants to receive them, simultaneously, at numerous sites nationwide.
Establishing priorities for capital improvements is an important aspect of an orderly budget process.
* threatens to disrupt the orderly administration of federal, state, and foreign tax audit systems;
As Clarke illustrates, the process was often complicated and policy sometimes compromised by the actions of those actually living and working in the region, who, wanting to acquire large tracts of land for themselves, saw their private interests as pre-eminent over the orderly settlement of the area and the needs of the local population or indeed of the Crown which they purported to serve.