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Synonyms for orderer

someone who places an order to buy

an organizer who puts things in order

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6] to the bidding offer (the price for the orderer is immaterial, so the highest value can be given freely).
Opinion of the research orderer concerning the sample size is also taken into account.
Perhaps the biggest surprise in the entries is the part that James Kirton had as "Director & orderer of the workes for her ma[tes] maske" (Extract [1]).
The orderer of the survey, the civic initiative Plostad Sloboda, says the survey is a proof that Skopje 2014 upsets interethnic relations and represents a symbol of profligacy, corruption, and esthetic and historical manipulation.
Pictured I-r; Deborah De Maria, Caleb Hartzler, and Lori Orderer pose with the 20 Pine gift bags given to guests.
A CAMRA spokesman said: "The selection of the beers is down to the jurisdiction of the beer orderer - he has been appointed by the branch committee and we feel we cannot condemn him for the selection of beers for the festival.
The orderer should have first look at the report's content.
part of this universe created and ordered by God, depends logically on the same order and must depend morally on its Orderer.
At a turning-point of "Times and Seasons" the first edition reads "There is no orderer and no order .
35) These ideas manifested themselves in the Barmen Declaration wherein Barth rejected the idea that the state could become the sole orderer of human life.
Since the word "God" has become so fraught both with this understanding of order (God as all-powerful orderer distinct from what God orders), grounding a "theopolitics of omnipotence" [22] or a "Christian dominology" [98], and with the controlling claim of an ultimate origin, she proposes a "tehomology" or "tehomic theology" (159), which is indebted to Luce Irigaray and Julia Kristeva, among others.
In natural law theory God is the Absolute Sovereign transcending all earthly sovereigns, but in Hobbes' natural rights theory, "since it was based in the Epicurean materialist rejection of nature as intrinsically ordered and God as the orderer, there was nothing above the human-made law to which one could appeal.
Because Moody, who has long wrestled with spiritual matters, is given to comparing the narrating impulse to the God-like imperative to create, surely, the narrator-God of Garden State and The Ice Storm and to a lesser extent of Purple America is modeled on the familiar Judeo-Christian figure, the confident master--that show-off imagineer of Genesis, the bold orderer amid the otherwise senseless and violent void, able to tidy up the apparently untidiable, the creator-God who reveals himself in his very creation.